ODER was founded by Tim Oder, a paper artist and multidisciplinary creator who has worked with origami for over 7 years. Tim creates installations, artworks, products, set design, paper art and sculptures inspired by origami, geometry and curved folds, from his studio in South Tel Aviv. 

ODER is known for creating hand-crafts that are visually unique with precision formed designs. For large commissions, Tim works with a diverse team of creators, including paper artists, art directors, engineers, photographers, and producers, depending on the skills needed for the project. He also runs paper folding workshops for brands, schools, and non-profit organizations, sharing his love for paper folding.

 Tim discovered his passion for paper folding in 2011 with book "Folding techniques for designers" by Paul Jackson and improve his folding skills in a 4-month class with Ilan Garibi at HIT. 
He is a member of the Israeli origami organization OrigamIsrael (OASIS) and a curve crease specialist.